Monday, 11 October 2010


3 weeks into uni and i'm struggling already. They've thrown us in at the deepend, expected us to learn a complex music production program, ableton, and there's barely any decent tutorials on the net. On top of that, we havent a clue what we're doing. My uni is in the top for design in the UK. Probably bottom for organisation skills.

It's seriously a piss take. I'm paying £3290 a year, for a course, where the lecturers are either thick, or haven't a clue what they're doing..

Also, i need a sleeping pattern :(


  1. Sounds like something to look forward to. FXCKING A LEVELS. Cringe.

  2. I never had a decent sleeping pattern, its just an endless struggle of balancing it out. i used to take melatonin but i must have built up a strong resistance to it cuz it stopped working after about a month