Wednesday, 13 October 2010

sweet tooth

I have a srs sweet tooth. I crave sweet tasting stuff. I love sweet stuff!
Anyways, i didn't bother going to a lecture today, i shuold have really, but instead i went in and did some work! Nothing accomplished lol.

First time i've loaded up MW2 in like 4-5 months, i'm not too bad but not fantastic, i need moar practise, sucks though, cos i used to be decent. I play better on my PS3 rather than my Xbox though for some reason. I prefer BC2 anyways.

I leave you with an awesome dubstep tune!


  1. Yea, ps3 is way better for playing it...

  2. i would if the lecturer for that lesson wasn't a tard

  3. Didnt look at the video at work...but i can agree with the mw2 comment

  4. Yawn lectures are boring, I don't blame you for skipping it haha.

  5. Maybe I should go back to MW2 too.